The Center

A 50 Foot Testament of Faith

Our lady of Guadelupe StatueOn a farm in Ashtabula County, Ohio, stands the worlds largest and most magnificent statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe ever created. Towering 50’ above the landscape and adorned with over 450,000 hand placed mosaic tiles, the design and management of this magnificent work of art was donated by Richard Hyslin of Mission, Texas. The daunting construction project took over 10,000 man hours to complete. She is truly a labor of love.

The humble kindness of mother-to-be is captured in her face and makes one realize what true love really means. The statue was built in thanksgiving, inspired by God’s love, for all faiths and walks of life to enjoy. Visitors seeking spiritual help may be granted new life of the spirit here. The Center for Peace is a place of faith journeys, spiritual healing, inspirational motivation and personal revelation. Some even say physical healing as well. In addition, nearly twenty families have come seeking assistance in their quest for new life. Our Lady of Guadalupe (The Protectress of the Unborn) and Jesus heard their prayers and provided blessings unto them. In addition, many visitors claim they have seen the sun spin and move unnaturally and many more have seen unexplained light sources. Most though, just feel peace and tranquillity and that in itself, is worth the trip.

Founded by Patricia and Edward Heinz, it was their belief that from the very beginning when all was lost, God had a plan… and with His Grace they followed His interior direction and the result is what exists today. “We never considered this place to be anything but open for all to enjoy.” Over the years Ed was fortunate and accumulated a great amount of wealth due to his successful business in the nuclear engineering field. In return for his good fortune, he and Pat donated almost every penny to build what today has become the Servants of Mary Center for Peace.