The Book of Life

Holy Innocence Chapel, Servants of Mary Center for Peace

Funding for The Chapel of the Holy Innocent was graciously provided by The World Partnership in Hope Foundation

The Book of Life is displayed in The Chapel of the Holy Innocent at the Shrine. Especially dear to the heart of Jesus are children who died before the age of seven years. Parents who have lost a child up to the age of seven years can request that the child’s name be placed in the Book of Life. Likewise, those who have lost a child through abortion may name the child and have their name included here.

A certificate will be issued with the child’s name, and the name of the parents, if provided. The certificate will be mailed to the requesting party. Only the child’s name as provided is displayed.  All other information is kept completely confidential.

Please click here for the Book of Life inclusion form.


Heavenly Father,
We come before you because you love us.
We trust in your compassion and mercy.
You alone have the power to heal and renew us
by your Divine Presence
We pray that you touch the Holy Innocents.
Watch over them with a Father’s love.
Cradle them in the bosom of your most Sacred Heart
and draw us close to them by the power of your Holy Spirit.
Make us holy and innocent before ou, Lord.
Drive away anything that disrupts the dignity and sanctity of life.
As we come into your presence, transform our hands and hearts
to safeguard the Holy Innocents of our time.

Melt away all that does not give you honor and glory.
For you along are the Holy One; you along are the Lord,
you alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns forever and ever. AMEN!
– Fr. Timmothy Gareau