Online Store To Come

We are currently working on our online store. In the mean time, feel free to stop by our gift shop.


Visit our Gift Shop where you will find Bibles, Christian jewelry, custom rosaries, inspirational figurines, motivational mugs, rings, crosses, wall hangings, pictures, post cards, t-shirts, jackets, necklaces, and spiritually enhancing cds and books for both adults and children.

We also offer custom engraved donation bricks of various sizes that will be placed at the foot of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s statue.

Hours of operation for the Gift Shop: 10am to 5pm or by appointment.
Winter hours (Dec 1 – Apr 1) are
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 10am-5pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm, or by appointment.
The grounds are open from year round 9am to 10pm. 

Next to prayers and personal donations, the Gift Shop and Banquet Hall are the only means of financial support. Your generosity and patronage is appreciated.