The Miracle Picture

MIRACLE-PHOTOSeveral years ago, a doctor couple, one of which was an amateur photographer, took two photographs of the statue (daytime & nighttime), framed them and donated them to the shrine. They were taken in the fall of the year as you can see by the vivid colors of the leaves in the picture. Donors grabbed up the photos almost as fast as we could print them.

The doctor and his wife had a great love and dedication to Our Lady of Guadalupe and they would come by the Shrine about every two weeks for a visit. They donated truckloads of mulch and gravel or whatever what was needed to complete our never endinMIRACLE PHOTOcloseg projects here.

Later we learned that they had opened their hearts and their practice to local migrants who could not afford a doctor or a dentist and in doing such, they ministered to them while providing their health services as an act of charity. They lived their Catholic life by giving of their wealth and talent to those in need.

The photos taken by the doctors were hung in the gift shop, then located in the Chapel. Everyone complimented on their beauty. One day there were about twenty people in the store and as Our Holy Mother would have it, the two doctors were also there on one of their visits. One of the other attendees yelled out in a loud voice, “I see Jesus!” This man was staring at the daytime photo of the statue of Mary. Soon everybody was gathered around looking intently at this photograph. Sure enough, as he pointed to the reflection of the Blessed Mother in the Lake of Hope we saw Jesus on the cross, reflected in the water. The onlookers were in awe at this amazing discovery, a true gift meant for the doctor and his wife.

This is how Our Mother works for those who do great things for her and her son. As Juan Diego did for her, so she would do for him by presenting him with her image on the Tilma. Now over 400 years old, the Tilma emblazoned with Mary’s image as Our Lady of Guadalupe, still remains on display in the Basilica in Mexico City.

This particular day, on this farm in Windsor, Ohio, Mary waited until her two children, servants of her Son, were both in the chapel to present her gift to them.