Mary’s Story

To Know Mary is to Love God

Groomed from birth to be the caretaker of God’s Son Jesus, Mary (Mariam) was the daughter of married Saints Joachim and Anne. Mary’s husband Saint Joseph was a descendent of King David. He was a sensitive, responsible man of strong conviction and integrity. God honored Mary and Joseph’s integrity and devotion by entrusting them with a great responsibility. They were God’s chosen couple to raise his son Jesus. They had God’s trust and he saw favor in their thoughts and actions.

Young Mary shows humility, reverence and servitude during her Visitation by the Arch Angel Gabriel

Heralded by God’s messenger the Arch Angel Gabriel at the approximate age of twelve, Mary accepted the responsibility of giving birth to the Son of Man. Mary’s role in our faith as Christians has many facets, but it is her inherent attributes of humility, reverence and servitude that made her the chosen Spirit to carry our Savior into this world. Mary was chosen as the natural gateway. She leads us to Jesus for she is His Mother and with Joseph, His teacher.

At birth and throughout His life, Mary & Joseph protected Him from Herrod and other evil doers. As He grew, they educated Him in the ways of the Jewish faith and raised Him with integrity and righteousness as they faithfully followed the Holy Scriptures. Mary and Joseph raised Jesus as they were raised, as God asks us to raise our children: guided by hands of love, reverence, compassion, servitude, and a unprecedented devotion to the glorification of God the Father.

Mary was the only person by Jesus’ side from His birth to His death. She was with Him always and He with her. She is special to God and is full of His grace, that is, His merciful love.