A Marian apparition is the supernatural appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Apparitions have been recorded throughout history in nearly every part of the world. An authentic apparition is believed to be a real and objective intervention of divine power. The purpose of such apparitions is to recall and emphasize some aspect of the Christian message. It is believed that cures and other miraculous events are not the purpose of Marian apparitions, rather to validate and draw attention to the message. Apparitions of Mary are held as evidence of her continuing active presence in our lives, through which she cares for us, her children, just as any good mother would.

When examining the Marian apparitions, there have been many great recorded messages, however, there is one message she has delivered consistently…

“Believe that God exists and that He loves you.”

Listed below are links to information regarding just a few of the most popular Marian apparitions: