About Us

Mission Statement: To provide a Spiritual Sanctuary for the glorification of God and to spread the word delivered through the teachings of His son Jesus and the actions of His most humble and faithful servant Mary.

Mary sets the example for us, directing her worship, adoration, and praise to God alone.

The Center for Peace

The grounds at Servants of Mary Center for Peace

As Christians, we must believe Mary is special for she is truly the first Christian… faithful from the beginning to the end, chosen by God himself to carry his Son into this natural world. As Jesus’ mother, even before He was born, Mary believed and followed God’s will and direction. She was special and God filled her with His grace. We acknowledge this fact and ask Mary to pray for us. We ask her to be a supportive link to God, to pray to Him for our intentions so that He may have mercy on us. As always, Jesus will listen to his mother.

The Center for Peace is a natural place for one to open their eyes in personal reflection of the Spirit. It was created through faith for the faithful and for those searching for guidance in this natural world. God’s love is evident here. Walk around the grounds and allow His peace to bathe your Spirit with the love he bestows upon us through natures beauty.

God’s Creation is an expression of His love and goodness. We were created to love Him. His warmth can be felt and seen in the abundance of natural goodness on this farm where we praise God the Father, implore the Holy Spirit, Honor Jesus Christ, and visit our mother Mary. We invite you to visit this natural sanctuary located in Windsor, Ohio where you’ll find honey hives, clover fields, fishing ponds and maple syrup trees as far as the eye can see. Here you will find peace.